Week Eleven | Task: Atea Lens Paper

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Part One:

Atea refers to the corresponding ideas of encounters with people and places, whilst following the appropriate tikanga that applies to the certain meeting space (Maori Dictionary).

Part Two:

Inspired by Uta Barth, I wished to create a series that reflects Atea in an interesting and unique way. Using blur as an abstract technique, I wanted to distort the surroundings of the student flat to reflect the idea that Life’s a Blur. This series challenges pre-conceived notions surrounding photography and I wanted to reveal and conceal certain elements in order to make the viewer develop their own interpretations. These dreamlike, surreal images communicate the meeting of the known and the unknown, in terms of life and I wanted to show the absence of humans, yet the presence of them in the surroundings.

Part Three:

To be completely honest, when developing this work I did not consider gender or indigeneity, as I was focused on the concept of Atea. However, it is interesting to reflect upon these ideas now and I can pick up on subtle hints throughout my exploration of Atea. It is important to be consciously aware of how gender and indigeneity can be portrayed through your work as if you are oblivious to these ideas, it could result in accidental gender and racial undertones that have a negative impact on certain individuals.

Works Cited:

Fig. 1. Robertson, Tallulah. “Life’s a Blur”. 2016. Digital Photographs.

“Atea”. Maori Dictionary. N.d. Web. 17 Oct 2016.




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