Week Ten | Task: Creative Non Fiction

Part One:

Growing up in South Auckland, literally at the Botanic Gardens was an amazing childhood. With dad as, a keen gardener (and mum now too) I instantly grew a love for the environment and when we moved to Oakura, Taranaki that love grew. Living by the sea, I instantly got into surfing and haven’t looked back, as it allows you to clear your mind and develop a  strong connection with the ocean. Surfing provides its own unique culture that allows individuals of any ethnicity to feel a sense of freedom and belonging. I feel like surf culture brings out the best in people and I’m lucky to have become a part of this culture. Also, the Kiwi summer culture of BBQ’s, outdoor cricket, swimming, ice creams and just generally having a good time with everyone around you is something I love about New Zealand. I find the Rainbow Warrior Bombing a significant event in Aotearoa history, as what would’ve been a peaceful political protest against French nuclear testing, turned into a horrific tragedy for not only the people involved but the environment too. I resonate with Green Peace and appreciate how they peacefully stand up to corporations and governments that are having a negative impact on our environment.

Part Two:


Fig. 1. Sarah Featon. Tupeia antarctica. N.d. Drawing on paper. N.p. Tangata O Le Moana. By Sean Mallon, Kolokesa Mahina-Tuai & Damon Salesa. Wellington: Te Papa Press, 2012. Print.






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