Week Nine | Task: Powhiri & Stereotypes

Part One:  


untitled-1  – PDF version of Powhiri stages

Part Two:


Tama Iti. N.d. Photograph. N.p. TedxAuckland. Web. 5 Oct 

During the lecture, Whyte brought attention to the “radical political activist” Tama Iti, who is portrayed by the media as a savage terrorist (Wall 43). The stereotype that surrounds Maori as being “primitive natural athletes”, was used by the media to construct fear against Maori during the Terrior Raids (Wall 42). Due to Tama Iti appearing like a “primitive warrior” with his ta moko, European ideologies instantly associated this with savagery and felt intimidated (Wall 42). However, it is common for the media to single out an individual who fits the stereotypical requirements, in order to manipulate the dominant Pakeha audience, as “Maori have been stereotypically imagined as the Black Other” (Wall 40).



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Fig 3: Students arrive at the University’s Te Kupenga o te Maturanga Marae. 2011. Photograph. N.p. Massey. Web. 5 Oct 2016.

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