Week Eight | Task: Poverty & Timeline

Part One: 

290513 The Marlborough Express Al Nisbet cartoon
Nisbet, Al. Untitled. 2013. Cartoon on paper. The Marlborough Express, New Zealand.

The idea of the deserving and the undeserving poor was a key concept mentioned throughout Gilbert’s lecture and Nisbet’s Untitled cartoon reflects this concept. This image depicts a Maori or Pasifika whanau who are taking extreme measures to get free food in order to have money to spend on unnecessary items such as, “booze, smokes and pokies” (Nisbet). This presents the dominant stereotype of Maori/Pasifika families being stigmatised as the “undeserving poor” within Aotearoa (Herinst). The adult caricatures are portrayed as overweight and greedy, as they are more interested in blowing their money on items for themselves instead of looking after their whanau. Poverty within Aotearoa has lead to a negative attitude towards “minority ethnic groups” and visual texts, like Nisbet’s Untitled, are unsuccessful in creating a positive change in the public’s mindset and attitude towards poverty (Boston 14). Instead, they feed the stereotype which, further separates the problem from the appropriate help and attention it should be getting (Boston 14). The negative and racist undertones presented in this image “contribute to an ‘us’ and ‘them’ attitude amongst some European voters and decision-makers” (Boston 14)

Part Two:


Below is a PDF version of my timeline, which may be easier to view.



Works Cited:

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Boston, Jonathan. “Child Poverty in New Zealand: Why it matters and how it can be reduced”. Victoria University. Oct 2013. Web. 27 Sep 2016



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